Do You Have a Drinking Problem?

lcoholism and alcohol abuse can spring up due to many different factors, according to HelpGuide.Org. If you?ve always had a strong history of alcohol abuse in the family or spend a lot of time with heavy drinkers, this might influence you to drink too much.

A Drinking Problem?

Some people don?t realize they have a drinking problem while the rest of their friends and family already do. This could be, in part, because of strong denial that most alcoholics feel: I don?t have a drinking problem. However, if:

  • You?re guilty or ashamed of your drinking
  • You lie to others just so you could hide your drinking habits
  • Your friends and family are worried about your drinking
  • You need a drink to feel better
  • You don?t remember what you did while you were drunk
  • You always drink way more than you intend to

Then you stand a good chance of having an alcohol problem. Another reason alcoholism can be difficult to detect is because it affects people in different ways. In cultures where a drink after work is part of the corporate way of life, it can be quite tough to tell if it?s social drinking or a drinking problem already.

The easiest way to tell, though, if it?s a drinking problem or not is this: if your drinking is affecting your life in a negative way?damaging your relationships, your health?then you have a drinking problem.

Common Signs and Symptoms:

  • Everything else comes second to your drinking. You?re doing poorly at work or school. You skip class or work so you can drink or you?re hung over and you feel awful.
  • You use alcohol even when it?s unsafe to do so, putting yourself at risk. For instance, driving under the influence, using heavy machinery while you?re drunk or drinking meds and imbibing alcohol can lead to an overdose and early death.
  • You have a lot of legal tangles. You keep getting arrested for driving under the influence.
  • You pick a lot of fights. You get into fights with your family or friends because it upsets you when they try to tell you that your drinking is out of hand.
  • Your drinking helps you relax. Stress at work pushes to drink.

If you?ve got any of these signs, then you need help. Maybe it?s time you got yourself into a rehab facility. Looking for an alcohol rehab center in Malibu? Centers like Seasons in Malibu are available to help.


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