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Replacement Light Sockets

There is a huge need for replacement light sockets since fluorescent lighting became popular in new homes and home renovation projects. Fluorescent lighting has replaced traditional incandescent light bulbs and fixtures because they generate less heat than...

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Choosing a Vendor for LED Products

If your company relies on LED modules, lights, and other similar products, you are aware of the importance of having a good vendor to provide the products you need. There is a vast range of suppliers that can provide these products, but some are definitely more...

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Promoting Advantages of LED Light Engines

LED light engines are usually made up of a LED chip mounted on a circuit board with both mechanical and electrical fixings. This means it is ready to place in the luminaire. It is important to point out that the light engine does not always consist of a single chip....

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Lighting with Industrial Wire Guards

Industrial wire guards can be used in a number of different industries as well as in many households. However, one of the most common uses for wire guards is lighting. Wire guards add both functionality and flare to the environment depending how they are used. By...

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