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3 Ingredients Used in Clam Chowder

For those who enjoy seafood and a hearty bowl of soup, clam chowder is an obvious choice. Some areas of the country specialize in this soup because they have access to fresh clams throughout the year. Other areas cook a version according to the local ingredients available to them. Clam Chowder Boston is among the

Why Many Choose Halal Pizza

Halal pizza is certainly not the most common type of pizza you’re going to come across, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t full of benefits. In Detroit, eating halal pizza is a requirement for many Muslims due to stipulations relating to their faith. However, other people choose to eat halal as well. Understanding what halal

Online Gift Cards in Maui to Sample Hawaiian Cuisine at Local Restaurants

Hawaiian cuisine has been influenced by countries around the globe, including places as diverse as Portugal, Korea, and Japan. Hawaiian restaurants featuring representative foods of the islands have an eclectic menu that looks like an intriguing mixture of cuisine styles. Online Gift Cards in Maui for these types of restaurants are excellent presents for newcomers who

Whole Hog: a Look at the History of Barbecue

Ask ten different people what defines barbecue, and you’ll get ten different answers. It’s a definition that’s long been argued by many different people with many different taste preferences, but there are a few facts behind the method. The term “barbecue” originates from barbacoa, a reference to the term barbabicu from Caribbean natives. The Caribbean