Knot an Ordinary Door

If you?re dreaming of doors, and you want something out of the ordinary, you should take a look at knotty pine doors. When created by craftsmen, a door made of solid pine is a lovely thing. Whether you are shopping for interior or exterior doors, solid wood or with windows, the unique rustic appeal of these doors is a complement to country homes.

For even more interest, consider ordering custom carved doors. For the outdoorsman or art lover, a door that is carved with an image of your choosing can add tremendous beauty and appeal to your home. Knotty pine doors make a perfect canvas for carving. Because each door is produced from a different tree, the grain and location of knots varies. A talented wood carver talented wood carver can take advantage of knots to add character to the image.

Whether you prefer an image of an animal, bird, mountains or something else, a pine door specially designed for you is a treasure. Carved from solid wood, your door is one of a kind. Choose a special scene for your front entry door, and guests will be impressed. If your family can?t agree on an image, consider ordering different doors for each bedroom. What better way to customize a child?s room than with a door depicting their favorite animal or scene.

You may be wondering where to purchase knotty pine doors. If you?ve shopped at lumber yards or home improvement stores, you may have noticed that many doors available today are hollow core or made from inferior wood products. Although easy on the budget, those types of doors may not last a lifetime and can be easily damaged. Their lighter weight doesn?t compare to the weight and heft of a solid wood door. To find your dream doors, you may need to order from a custom millwork company.

When dreaming about your doors, be sure to think about what type of hardware you would like. Contemporary rustic choices may include dark colors, such as bronze or black, or a nice glossy silver. Choose a plain design, or something unique that looks like it?s fresh from the smith?s forge.

Hanging your new doors in your home may be a job for an expert. If you feel like you?re not up to the challenge, research local contractors who can do the job for you.

knotty pine doors can add a rustic touch to your d?cor. For the most unique look, choose a custom carved door with a nature scene. A knotty pine door created especially for you by experienced craftsmen will add enduring beauty and value to your home.

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