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How to Become an Accredited Investor Without High Net Worth or Income

Passive asset-based lending opportunities have skyrocketed due to the emergence of professionally managed platforms. These opportunities include real estate syndication, and much more. Only accredited investors have access to these opportunities. At one time, only those in high-income brackets could qualify as accredited investors. That has recently changed. How to become an accredited investor can

Purpose of the Accredited Investor Requirements

The accredited investor requirements set forth by the SEC restrict the ability of the public to invest in unregistered securities until the prospect investor conforms to certain net worth or income requirements. Stated in another way, the SEC reserves private, riskier investments to more wealthy and presumably more knowledgeable and sophisticated investors. Be the first

Determining Accredited Investor Status in a Rule 506(c) Offering

There are various options available to verify the accredited investor status of investors for companies raising capital through Rule 506(c). Most offerings of securities depend on Rule 506(b) which permits accredited investors to self-verify using a simple questionnaire. As a result, business owners may not necessarily be as familiar with the Rule 506(c) verification process.

Do You Pass the Accredited Investor Test?

An accredited investor in the United States has the freedom to invest in certain types of unregulated securities, having proven that he or she retains the sophistication to understand the potential risks of participating in such an investment. This type of investor is required to pass the “accredited investor test” by meeting certain qualifications, outlined

506(b) General Solicitation and How This Exemption May Be Used

According to Rule 506(b), an issuer is permitted to raise capital and an unlimited amount by selling securities of any type to an unlimited number of accredited investors. Accredited investors can include individuals meeting certain income and asset criteria, large institutional investors, and certain corporate insiders. Now regarding the issue of 506(b) general solicitation: Be

SEC Compliance Under Title III: Overcoming the Hurdles to Maximize Opportunities

Until 2012, small businesses and startups have been largely restricted from approaching the general public as a method of gaining investors and the necessary capital for expansion and improvement. The JOBS Act enabled them break into these markets in order to gain funding and connect with more investors, including investors that weren’t already in their


Banking is a financial activity offering financial services which are carried on by businessmen and people working on a daily basis. Banking activities are conducted by banks which are financial institutions that accept deposits form customers and direct this money for lending purposes. All the activities of banks in a any country is managed and