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Muslim Marriage Customs and Beliefs

Over one billion people practice some form of the Islamic faith. Next, to Christianity, Islam has the second largest group of adherents. The greatest majority of Muslims put religion close to the core of their lives. Understanding the Muslim marriage process is an excellent way to understand this significant religious group. Be the first to

Picking the Right Wedding Photographer

How do you choose the right wedding photographer?  If you are planning your wedding, you are probably getting tons of advice about how to make sure your wedding is a success.  One area that people are really passionate about is wedding photography.  Because photography can easily take up a large portion of your wedding budget,

Announce Your Special Occasions Proudly

Just about every person on the planet came into the world by bold proclamation. In most cases, announcements of the bundle that would soon arrive were made in person, by phone, and by pretty, little pink or blue invitation cards. Along the way, there were parties, teas, and showers that required announcement, too. 1 person