Why Do Your Own Cable Manufacturing and Assembly?

Electronics businesses today provide a wide range of services and products to their customers. In fact, cable manufacturing and assembly is a huge business these days. But did you know you, doing this work yourself could be costing you a lot of money? Here are some important reasons to outsource this kind of work to an overseas company.

What Does Outsourcing Mean?

Suppose you manufacture electronic equipment which requires wiring harnesses. Instead of devoting much of your time and resources to cable manufacturing and assembly you can order your wiring harnesses ready to go. In fact, you can outsource any part of your business you like and the benefits are many.

Material Cost Savings

Outsourcing can save you on product cost. For example, it might cost you $3 to make each wiring harness and you can buy them from an overseas company for half the price.

Labor Cost Savings

How long does it take someone in your company to assemble a wiring harness? You might be paying workers 8 hours a day just for this one activity. When you outsource the components you need, this entire labor cost is eliminated from the process.

Greater Efficiency

Every company today is seeking ways to increase efficiency. When you outsource work like cable manufacturing and assembly, your company becomes much more efficient. Operating costs are much lower and profits increase.


The electronics industry is highly competitive and when you decide to outsource, you can lower your prices to customers. This is an excellent marketing strategy to stay ahead of your competitors and earn new business in the future.

Time Zone Factor

If you partner with a manufacturer in Asia, you have the benefits of more than one time zone. While your people sleep, your Asian partner is working and you have the benefits of a complete 24 hour a day industry.

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