When to Call on a Workers Comp Attorney in Burlington, VT

In theory, workers compensation insurance is an excellent resource for individuals that get hurt while performing a job-related duty. This type of insurance is mandated by the federal government and can cover the cost of medical care, rehabilitation as well as lost wages when an employee gets hurt performing a job-related task. Unfortunately, as beneficial as this program looks on paper, there are times where this insurance program doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. In these situations, a person may have to go to great lengths to deal with an unresponsive or unhelpful workers compensation insurance company. Sometimes, dealing with an insurance company means hiring a Workers Comp Attorney in Burlington VT.

When a person gets hurt on the job, they will typically file some sort of claim with the worker’s compensation insurance company that their employer has contracted with. If it’s a small claim, the worker’s compensation insurance company won’t likely offer a great deal of resistance. However, if the injuries are severe enough that person requires extensive long-term or permanent medical treatment and the person must be compensated for significant lost wages, the insurance company may be less willing to pay up.

This is where a Workers Comp Attorney in Burlington VT will come in. Whether the insurance company has offered less than adequate compensation or perhaps the insurance company is challenging the employee as to whether they were actually hurt performing a work-related duty, an attorney can be helpful.

A workers compensation attorney will often start with simply speaking with or negotiating with the insurance company. Often times, these sorts of negotiations can offer significant results when there is a lawyer involved. However, if the insurance company isn’t willing to offer adequate compensation or if they continue to be extremely stubborn about offering compensation of any kind, then the attorney can look to the courts for a solution.

Nobody likes being in a position where they can’t afford to pay their bills or provide for their family. Fortunately, there is insurance that can help people that are in this situation. That’s why if you have been injured at work, but the worker’s compensation insurance company is pushing back, it may be time to speak with an attorney like McVeigh Skiff LLP.

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