Basic Types Of Industrial Machine Knives

Various industries use knives to chop. Lacerate, slice, and dice materials. Industrial machine knives are requisite in food processing, plastics, printing, pulp and paper, steel and other industries. Companies demand high-quality, durable, and appropriate blades to perform specific tasks. Each industry provides certain challenges and, therefore, a specific style of knife.

Basic Knife Blade Styles

While knives are essentially designed for cutting, they are not interchangeable for every industry. Each manufacturing concern has its own specific demands and requirements. All cutting applications present unique challenges. This results in different styles of industrial blades addressing the particular needs of the industry and its machinery. Among the diverse range of knives addressing such requirements are the following types or styles:

• Chipper Knives: Mainly for the pulp and paper industry

• Cut-off Knives: These blades are also called “cut off blades” and “guillotine knives”

• Crush Cut Blades: This type of blade employs brute force to get through materials

• Guillotine Knives: Sometimes referred to as cut-off knives, this operates in a swing/guillotine fashion to slice through materials

• Paper Tube Saws: This style of blade cuts tubes and similar objects

• Scoring Blades: This blade cuts a groove in specific materials

• Shear Blades: These industrial machine knives tend to be straight-edged. They may be used to cut dies

• Slitter Knives: They slit materials of diverse kinds for many industries. Types include circular slitter blade and flat slitter blade

• Tray Knives: Also known as tray sealing or formed knives, companies use them to cut plastics, film, foils and other similar materials

Other styles of knives are available. The materials from which they are composed also vary according to blade type, specifications, and purpose.

Industrial Machine Knives

Industries require blades of diverse types to produce their products. Blade manufacturers respond continually to changing and challenging markets by producing new and innovative industrial machine knives. They even customize when necessary to meet the growing demand for cutting edges.

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