What to Look For When Seeking a Discount Tire Shop in Tulsa

Tires are the first line of defense a vehicle has to keep occupants safe when they are on the open road. They are expensive to maintain, but not taking the effort to keep them in good condition can create dangerous driving conditions that can lead to an accident. A great way to combat the high cost of tires without sacrificing quality is to find a Discount Tire Tulsa shop that provides a full array of tire services. All discount tire stores are not equal. Here are a few things that can make the process of finding a trustworthy shop easy and worry free. Don’t let the price of tires lead to unsafe driving conditions.

Manufacturer Choices

There are more than 100 companies that produce tires. While only a handful are known to many consumers, less popular brands provide the same reliability without the elevated price tag. Ask about the brand names store carries and do research to learn more about the reputation that is associated with each one. This can help a vehicle owner make a financially smart decision that doesn’t sacrifice safety.

Balance and Alignment Services

The best way to stretch the life of a tire is to keep the wheels of a vehicle balanced and aligned. As a car is driven the vibration caused by uneven road surfaces and potholes can cause the steering components of a vehicle to fall out of alignment. This can lead to tires that wear unevenly and require replacement sooner. Keeping a car properly aligned will prevent this issue and help a driver get the greatest number of miles out of their new tires.

Follow-Up Maintenance

Most Discount Tire Tulsa shops provide a tire warranty with each purchase. This will provide the customer with unlimited tire rotations and free tire repairs. Most will also replace tires if they do not last the duration of the advertised life span. Ask about all of the warranty and maintenance services a tire shop provides before making a purchase.

Residents of the Tulsa area have been trusting the tire experts at Tate Boys Tire & Service for over 20 years. Their certified mechanics can keep any car safe on the road without breaking the bank. Be sure to visit website to see their full line of tire and major service offerings. No matter the make or model of vehicle they will have the parts and knowledgeable staff to repair it right the first time.

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