Call Local Company to Repair a Metal Ceiling in Westchester NY

Over 200 years ago, stamped tin ceilings in homes and other buildings were very popular. Today, those same homes and buildings are being refurbished, and the tin ceilings have regained their popularity. Back in the day, there were many companies that specialized in manufacturing these types of ceilings. Most of these businesses were in cities located near the railroad lines, which made it easier to ship the pressed tin and metal to buyers. If the tin was used in wainscoting, it was usually painted a white color to give the home a gracious, sophisticated look of being hand carved, which also hid the fact it was made out of metal.

Homemakers who want tin wainscoting installed in their home today, and who want more information should Contact Abingdon Construction. They’re one of the fine companies, located in the New York area, that repairs and installs the type of Metal Ceiling Westchester NY residents and businesses have wanted for over 95 years. Like so many other companies basking in the renewed popularity of metal ceilings, backsplashes in kitchens, bathrooms, dens, and dining rooms, they guarantee their work.

Many businesses look for companies specializing in the metal ceiling Westchester NY owners of hotels, barber shops, taverns and restaurants want to give their metal ceilings an uplifted look. After two centuries, many tin ceilings, wainscoting, and backsplashes need clear paint or a good cleaning. These types of ceilings can be made virtually fireproof if sheetrock is underneath them.

Some companies are highly recommended by business owners that have gotten their own ceilings repaired. The Metal Ceiling Westchester NY business owners recommend is installed by dependable, well known, customer oriented installers. Tin ceilings bring back a certain feeling of nostalgia; a glimpse of a long ago time in another era. At the same time, the metal ceilings also have a look that points to the future; a look of gorgeous imprinted tin that increases the value of the home or business.

For over 200 years, metal ceilings have graced great halls, ballrooms, music rooms and libraries with their look of timeless beauty. With the many patterns and designs that can be imprinted by professionals located nearby, it’s not difficult to have them repaired. Local companies that repair and install metal ceilings and backsplashes travel as far as 150 miles to complete jobs for home and business owners.

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