How Significant is a Wheel Alignment After Getting Used Tires and Wheels in Tupelo, MS?

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Tires

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Nearly every time a driver makes their way to an oil change auto shop or some kind of dealer auto body service, they are asked “would you like a wheel alignment?” it seems like an unnecessary expense and a discouraging one. The bill doubles and nothing seems to be any different.

Is a wheel alignment necessary, or is it something that is highly promoted in auto shops with very little impact on the vehicle? Below is a guide to wheel alignments and how vital they really are to the life of a vehicle.

The Big Question: Is it Necessary?

The short answer is yes, but probably not as often as auto shops would suggest. Get more information by visiting the local tire shop website. A general golden rule is to get a tire alignment with every other trip to get the oil changed or with the addition of at least two Used Tires and Wheels in Tupelo MS.

What Does a Bad Alignment Cause?

What happens to a vehicle with a bad alignment? If a driver ignores the request, what can they expect? A bad alignment does not do a lot of harm to the vehicle, but it does affect the tire tread. The used tires and wheels in Tupelo MS will wear unevenly. This is obviously an issue if a driver has four new tires because one may wear faster than any of the others. They will have to replace one, but this begins a cascading issue of changing one tire at a time to infinity.

An uneven wheel alignment will also accelerate the degradation of the tires. Tires that would last five years may last half the time because the wire is being worn along the edges at an uneven pace. A tire alignment is far more valuable for a new set of tires than for a vehicle with four old tires because a driver would want the tires to last and to wear evenly.

Just like most things in vehicle maintenance, a tire alignment is a nice thing that helps the overall health of the vehicle. It is a safety inclusion to keep it straight on the road. It is also a nice aspect of longevity. Keep those tires alive and well.