What To Consider When Shopping for a New Chevy Blazer in Chicago

When it comes to buying a vehicle, while you want it to look good, it must also be able to perform well. Depending on your lifestyle, whether you have a family, et cetera, certain features might be more important to you than others. If you are shopping for a new Chevy Blazer in Chicago, here are some things you should consider.

Safety Features

If you will be riding in your new Chevy with your family, safety is probably one of your top concerns. The Chevy Blazer comes equipped with numerous airbags that help protect drivers and passengers from rollovers, side collisions as well as front-end crashes. It also has a built-in OnStar service, a rear camera and more.

Optimal Performance

Not only is the steering great for handling curves, but the 18-inch tires make for a smooth ride whether on or off-road. With a quick-response braking system, you can avoid collisions as well as spin-outs without having to apply very much pressure. The combination of steering and precise braking can make this a great vehicle to take on winding roads, off-road terrain and more.

When shopping for a new Chevy Blazer in Chicago, you should know that there are even more features available when you upgrade your trim. Some of the high-end trims are pedestrian braking, collision alert, lane departure and more. However, with so many great options that are available on all Chevy Blazer models, you might find that you have all you need right off the showroom floor.

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