3 Symptoms That Say You Need to Seek a Brain Injury Specialist in Orlando

Most people that struggle with traumatic brain injury experience mild concussions. But some people out there have symptoms that can go on for weeks or even months if the issues go untreated. Some symptoms appear right away while others don’t come until later on. Regardless, it is important to be in the know for the sake of your health, so here are three symptoms that you need to seek treatment for a brain injury in Orlando.

  1. You Lose Consciousness
    Traumatic brain injuries happen pretty often in sports, car crashes, and typical accidents. Because the symptoms aren’t always present when the trauma happens, people walk away and assume that nothing is wrong. Although concussions can seem mild at first, it is always wise to get checked out regardless to ensure no serious injuries are present.
  2. Delayed Symptoms
    As mentioned above, some brain injuries don’t make themselves known until a while after the trauma has happened. If you experience a situation that involves a strong injury to the head, monitor your symptoms and how you feel until you go see a professional. The brain is a complex and advanced organ that can take a while to heal and get completely back to normal.
  3. Headaches, Slowed Speech, and Confusion
    Any symptom that alters your ability to concentrate or get through your daily routine is worthy of being checked out by a medical professional. Ignoring this can be dangerous for not only yourself but others in your environment. It is also important to avoid second-guessing these symptoms or writing them off as a mild inconvenience. Get professional treatment for a brain injury in Orlando as soon as you notice any of these symptoms.
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