Understanding Joint Custody Arrangements by a Family Lawyer in Gig Harbor WA

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The American Dream is built upon the idea of the American family. After all, no one wants to have a lot of land upon which to build and farm and raise a family unless he or she actually has a family. Unfortunately, sometimes that American Dream turns into a nightmare, and families split up. For whatever reasons, families just can’t make it and legal separations or divorce ensue. At such a time, you will need proper representation to find out what your options are. There is a best Family Lawyer in Gig Harbor WA who will help you to make such choices.

Problems come up in the family and you need a family lawyer for such things as legal separation advice, divorce options, child custody arrangements, child support, alimony or espousal maintenance, annulments and many other related issues. One of the main issues of concern when going through a divorce is what will happen to the children. In the state of Gig Harbor WA, the best welfare of the child is going to be dealt with first and foremost. The most favorable circumstance of a child in the eyes of the Gig Harbor WA courts is joint custody. Ideally, even in light of the divorce, the parents should be able to share mutual responsibilities in the care of their child(ren). In joint custody, neither parent has an upper hand, but both have equal authority in the decisions concerning the child(ren). If joint custody is not a feasible option, of course the courts will decide which parent gets to be the main custodian.