Signs That You Need Roofers In Bremerton WA For Repairs

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Uncategorized

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One of the most important parts of your home is the roof because it protects you and your possessions from the outdoors. Having a leak in your roof can cause significant damage, so having a professional roofer do your repairs is a vital part of keeping your home safe. Here are a few signs that you need to call Roofers in Bremerton WA to do repairs on your home.

Loose or Missing Shingles

Over time, your roofing shingles will become brittle and frail due to prolonged exposure to the sun. The frail shingles are susceptible to blowing during a storm, which can lead to a significant leak in your home. If you start to notice shingles that are damaged or missing on your home, then you should call Roofers in Bremerton WA to come take and look so they can do the repairs needed. If left unattended, a roof leak can cause a lot of damage, which in turn can cost you thousands of dollars to fix. The best thing to do is call a professional roofer immediately after you start to notice problems with your roof so they can fix it before it causes too much damage.

Exposed Nails

Although the nails in your home’s roof are very small, they play a very important role in keeping your home protected from the outdoors. If you notice a loose or even a missing nail, it means that there is actually an open hole in your roofline. This will allow water to get into the inside of your home and cause a lot of damage. Even if the nail is loose and sticking up, it can let water through the exposed part of the nail, which can also lead to an overwhelming amount of water damage in your home.