Turn Rings, Chains & Bracelets Into Rent: Sell Gold in Charleston, SC

Nothing can be liquidated as easily, quickly and efficiently as gold. You could sell gold in Charleston, SC, today and have a down payment on a sports car tomorrow. Maybe the goal isn’t so elaborate? Maybe there are just a few bills to be paid? Either way, selling gold gets wallets full and bills paid faster than anything else.

How Gold Compares to Itself

All gold isn’t created equal. Even after expert refinement, it retains impurities, alloys and other metals. The number of gold karats denotes the amount of pure gold parts per parts of other metals and alloys. Thus, 18K gold is 18 parts pure per 6 parts impure. Absolute gold purity is a myth; even the purest samples are only about 99.99% pure.

What Gold Buyers Look For

At the top of the list: gold must be real. The purer it is the better. However, lower karats are equally desirable, since they form the bulk of gold inventory that most everyday people find more accessible financially. Despite how well a piece might sell or might not sell, its degree of gold purity always fetches a higher price than less pure counterparts.

What Types of Gold to Sell

Bullion and coins never get old. They possess intrinsic value and defy the fashion trends that influence the appeal of, say, gold jewelry. Regarding gold jewelry, simple is best and most appealing, but big and gaudy aren’t necessarily unwelcome.

Wedding rings and wedding bands top everybody’s list of the most sale-worthy gold items. Other accessories like watches and necklaces come in at a close second. Gold teeth are iffy in terms of sales, but if they’re high on the purity scale, they might fetch a good price.

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