The Benefits Of Trex Decking In Madison, WI

In many older homes, and in most new homes in and around Madison, WI, the trend is to include a large outdoor living space. This is ideal if you live nearby one of the lakes in the area, but it is also great to just enjoy a sunny day any time of year. Composite decking is a popular option for these types of decks, offering a range of colors, styles, and options to suit any home.

The experts at Dektex can assist homeowners in turning their deck ideas into reality. They can work with new home construction as well as with existing homes, designing, building and finishing amazing deck design with quality Trex decking that is engineered to last a lifetime.

Color Options

The choice of colors in Trex decking for Madison, WI, homes is a very personal consideration. Some people want to create a look of an extension of the home through the deck, so it is essential to match colors with those of the house.

Other styles of decks look amazing as a contrasting color that coordinates with the architectural style of the home. For example, to create a very natural look with a wood, stone or brick home a darker color of composite decking is often a top choice. For a Mediterranean, southwestern or a modern style of home, the lighter wood tones, or even a white oak or gray color has been often a perfect match and will be recommended by top custom deck contractors.

Your deck building contractor should be able to provide samples of the decking material as well as provide insight into the possible color choices.

Style of the Deck

The style of deck recommended by deck builders should complement the style of the home as well as the size and landscaping of your yard. Using composite decking means a streamlined installation, allow you to enjoy your beautiful new outdoor living space as soon as possible.

At Dextex, we are top Trex decking suppliers, with a focus on beautiful custom-built decks for homes in and nearby Madison, WI. To find out more, see us at

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