The Advantages of Getting an Inheritance Advance

If you know that you have an inheritance coming to you, but you need the money as soon as possible, you might be wondering exactly how to get that money into your hands. Instead of waiting interminably long for the probate court to settle everything, you can simply answer the question why should I get an inheritance advance by actually getting one!

No Risk to You

Many people express concern that they will be left “on the hook” to repay the advance if the inheritance falls through for some reason or if it is not for as much as originally anticipated. This should not actually be a concern when it comes to a probate advance. If the probate court decides against the inheritance, the lending company will eat the loss. You get to keep the money that was advanced to you.

Not a Loan

While many people may refer to the advance as a loan, it is not really a loan in regard to the rules that apply to it. For instance, one reason why should I get an inheritance advance is that there is no interest that accrues during the repayment period. In fact, there are no monthly payments on the money at all. It is repaid in one lump sum from the estate after you are awarded the inheritance. There will be a flat fee that is added on to the repayment as this is how the lender makes their money.

Easy Access to Your Money

The process of probate court can be incredibly long and drawn out. This means that it ordinarily could take ages to get your inheritance. However, with a probate advance, you can get your money in a matter of days.

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