Septic Pumping & Pump Installation in Arlington WA

Septic systems depend on gravity, however due to distance sometimes this becomes impossible. If this happens in some areas, a pump is required in the tank, so that it can take water from tank to the drain field. Though it is not like traditional systems, but this practice is very common. There are many companies providing the services of pump installation and septic pumping in Arlington WA. You can discuss with a professional the kind of system you require, as only an expert can guide.


The things required for this purpose include, one and half inch PVC pipe, a pump, and pipe couplers. To start with a trench is made, from the back of septic tank to the drain field, and its distribution box. The depth of 12 to 16 inches will work for this trench as pipe used is only 1.5 inch, so width needed is also less in this case. The line should be kept straight if possible, or with minimum bends, as a straight passage will make pumping easier due to less pressure. Moreover, it will also increase the lifespan of the whole system.

Then a submersible pump is installed in the outlet chamber of the tank, but this works with a septic having separate chambers. The first chamber accumulates sludge, where as the second will only hold water. The pump is used for water movement, instead of moving the solids. The chamber with sludge should be cleaned on regular basis, so that it could not flow to another chamber.

The drain line and pump’s outer port are connected, but it should be very secure as repair will be difficult after the tank gets filled with water. Moreover, the float switches are set to start the pump, as soon as the water reaches to certain depth. The installer should get a full guidance from the pump manufacturer. You will find many experts for installation and septic pumping in Arlington WA.

After the above process is done, the pump motor is wired using direct wiring, and the pump is kept on a breaker so that it can work on self basis. The breaker should be of a certain device as GFCI is recommended in this case. Such a precaution will assure safety, and will prevent from electric shocks, or shorts in some cases. The wiring should be done in a very professional way, for which a separate electrician can work along with the installer, but it should be done carefully.

When everything is done, the pump is tested after filling the septic with water. If the pump gets activated, pump out water to the drain, and shut off, it’s a sign of well installed pump. After getting satisfied with the pump operation, the trench is back filled, and septic tank is covered with a lid. It should be noted that the size of the pump depends on the distance at which water is pumped, so a right measurement should be taken in this regard. All such things are well considered by an experienced person in Arlington WA, who can provide septic pumping along with other services.

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