Make Sharing Your Student Apartment in Savoy Easier with These Tips

It’s finally time to move into your own home as a student. However, you might need to get a roommate or two to help with the rent and other bills that you have. If this is the living situation that you desire, there are some ways to make it work as functional as possible.

Your Own Space

When you move into student housing near the UIUC campus with other people, it’s important to set aside your own personal space as well as areas that everyone can access. You could divide the cabinets in the kitchen so that each person has their own space for dishes and other belongings. Make sure each person knows to knock on bedroom doors before entering if the door is closed as well.


While sharing student housing in Savoy, IL, with roommates, you want to get the storage under control in the home. A bed with built-in storage is an option for personal items. You could get a couch and an end table so that you can store books or magazines. There are also coffee tables with storage under them so that you can hide items that you don’t want others to see. Shelves and organizers for the kitchen can sometimes create more space instead of only having an empty cabinet available.

Time Together

In order to maintain your living arrangement, try to spend time together when you’re not in your classes. Find out what each person likes to do or what you like to cook so that you have something to talk about and so that the atmosphere isn’t as strained.

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