Termites in Tulsa OK Can Cause Dramatic Damage to Wood Structures

Termites in Tulsa OK do significant damage to houses and other wood structures since they eat dead wood for its cellulose content. Their colonies can become enormous before anyone realizes the bugs have infiltrated a building or something else made of wood. Termites don’t swarm around out in the open, meaning they aren’t all that visible to the casual onlooker. They tend to live inside walls, above ceilings, and under floors. They don’t come into rooms where people would see them; instead, they stay well hidden. A person might find a colony by turning over an old log in a forest or in a woodpile.

Termites don’t tend to bother humans or their pets since they don’t have stingers and are not inclined to bite anything other than wood and decaying plant material. They aren’t considered to be carriers of disease, especially in the sense that mosquitoes and even houseflies can be. Nevertheless, they are one of the worst insects to have on a property because they eat wood fibers and thus can destroy the interior structure of buildings, decks, fences before anyone discovers a problem.

It may seem surprising that Termites in Tulsa OK can cause so much destruction of wood while having such tiny jaws. The insects are not very big, at smaller than 1/2 inch in length. Even if they were to bite a human, the person would probably barely notice. It might feel like a little pinch. Still, those little jaws are very strong and can chomp through bits of wood fiber. One termite wouldn’t cause much trouble, but they don’t take up residence solo. Inside a wood structure, their colony can rapidly grow into thousands of members.

Sometimes, a termite problem is suspected because somebody spies one or more of these critters outside on the building. When that happens, it’s time to call a company like American Services OK to have the place inspected. It’s possible this is just a false alarm, but it’s better to have a building inspected for a potential termite colony than to wait until part of the floor collapses. That may sound dramatic and unlikely, but termites can accomplish a shocking amount of destruction before they are discovered.

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