Stud diamond earrings

Who doesn’t adore a pair of stud diamond earrings? These classic pieces make timeless gifts marking significant occasions such as school graduation, marriage anniversary, or to mark any other remembrance of love. Whatever the reason be, purchasing diamond earrings needs a bit of advanced research. The four Cs of diamonds include CUT, CARAT, CLARITY, and COLOUR.


Most stud earrings stick to a few basic shapes- round, princess, ad heart shapes unless they are custom-made. These have brilliant cut facets using extraordinary styles. Thanks to the precise placement of 57 or 58 angled facets over the upper crowd of the diamond and the lower pavilion area, the stud diamond earrings look immensely dazzling.


It refers to the actual weight of diamonds. The carat weight, however, does not necessarily refer to size. The number of carats in earrings typically represents the total weight (tw). Small earrings with 0.50 ct tw or less is well-suited for everyday use, while those with upto 1.00 ct tw can be paired with casual wear. For formal attire, diamond stud earrings with around 2.00 ct tw should be chosen.


This refers to the presence of absence of blemishes, or flaws, or any kind of undesirable inclusions within the diamond or on the surface. Such small flaws can interrupt the play of light through a stone, or if they are large enough, can visibly affect the appearance. However, in the case of diamond studs, such small flaws are somewhat acceptable as they are generally not visible to the naked eye. The size, number, and position of blemishes is also a crucial factor.


With white diamonds, the absence of colour is usually the goal. Coloured diamonds are not only very expensive, but they are also extremely rare to find.

The settings for diamond stud earrings are usually done in yellow and white gold. Stud diamond earrings typically come with a basket setting between three and six prongs holding a stone in place. The cut of the stone also plays an important role. There are a wide range of shapes and sizes available for diamond stud earrings on the various online jewellery stores, from where you can take your pick. You will surely find something to complement every occasion, be it a lunch with friends, a dressy cocktail party, or an elegant evening event. Browse Site for more designer stud earrings.

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