Mistakes To Avoid When Using Local Moving Companies In Nashville

One of the reasons is it so important to work with one of the reputable and recognized local moving companies in Nashville is because of the risk of moving scams or poor moving practices.

While the vast majority of both small and national or international moving companies fall into the highly reputable category, there are always people with trucks marketing their services as professional movers and providing a very low-quality job.

Many of the local moving companies in the Nashville area are one or two truck operations. These companies may have regular drivers, but they typically use day laborers or untrained employees to do all your packing and moving. They may offer lower prices, but you will not have the professional service and customer care you will get from those moving companies affiliated with national or international moving companies.

Quotes and Final Actual Price

Make sure that if you are comparing local moving companies that you get the same type of quote or estimate for your move. Make sure the quote includes all the services you have asked for in writing, and also verify that the quote is listed as a binding estimate or a not-to-exceed binding estimate.

Ask about any additional fees you may have to pay over and above the quote, and be sure that all of the information you discuss, including any services that will be provided as “free of charge” are noted on the quote.


The top local moving companies train their drivers and moving supervisors to ensure the contract provided to the customer is completed in full. This contract will list the inventory on the truck and all costs by line item.

Never sign a blank contract or a contract where areas are not completed or indicated as not applicable prior to your signature. You should also be provided with a copy of the contract and it should match the copy that the driver has, complete with signatures.

Claims Resolution

No matter how careful local moving companies may be, there is always a chance that items may be damaged in the move. It is important to check with the Better Business Bureau and review online feedback about how fast any of the local Nashville movers are in settling these issues to their customer’s satisfaction.

Make sure to ask questions of local moving companies and compare at least three companies before making a final choice. This gives you the information you need to move with confidence with the right professionals on the job.

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