Reasons to Seek Physical Therapy Lawrence KS

Most people know that Physical Therapy Lawrence KS is typically necessary after a sports injury or surgery. However, there are some who wonder if the injury they have experienced is severe enough for this type of rehabilitation. Some indications that it is time to seek physical therapy for an injury can be found here.

Pain that Continues for Days

Once an injury occurs and the pain begins, most people turn to rest and ice to help reduce the discomfort. However, if the pain doesn’t subside after three to four days, it is likely time to seek physical therapy in Lawrence, KS. In most cases, the issue present is much more severe than what ice and rest will be able to cure, which is why professional intervention is necessary.

Dull Pain that Keeps Coming Back

If the pain does subside with rest and ice, many people believe they are “out of the woods.” However, when more serious injuries occur, the symptoms typically come back time and time again and stay until the underlying cause of the injury has been treated.

Any Traumatic Event

There are some injuries, such as broken bones and muscle tears that can be easy to recognize since they occur after a traumatic event. However, even if a person rolls their ankle and it swells up for a while, they should still seek an evaluation from a physical therapist. If they begin to use the affected part of the body again, prior to it being fully healed, it could result in even more damage and pain.

Medication isn’t Able to Alleviate the Pain

There are quite a few endurance athletes who are used to aches and pains that go along with their sport of choice. However, if anti-inflammatory and other pain-relief drugs aren’t providing relief, then it is essential to have the underlying problem checked out.

It is a good idea to become educated about what physical therapy offers to see why it can be so beneficial. Not just athletes can benefit from this type of treatment. For people who may have more questions, they can contact the staff at the Center For Manual Medicine to learn more and schedule an appointment.

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