3 Reasons to Consider a Fully Synthetic Oil Change in Jacksonville, FL

It’s time for an oil and filter change, and the recommendation is to make the switch to synthetic oil. What’s behind that recommendation? If any of the following applies to your vehicle, that’s likely the reason why the topic of a fully synthetic oil change in Jacksonville, FL is on the table.

Many professionals recommend using synthetic oil as the amount of engine miles adds up. After around 150,000 miles, it’s not unusual for mechanics to urge vehicle owners to go with this option. If the engine has reached or exceeded that amount, making the switch does make sense.

The mechanic may be thinking about viscosity and how it would affect your engine. Fully synthetic oil offers more protection to the engine than regular oil, or even blends with some synthetic ingredients. As a more stable solution, the fully synthetic product flows better in all sorts of weather, providing greater protection to the engine parts.

Last, the point of a fully synthetic oil change in Jacksonville, FL is to prolong the life of the engine. That’s important in an age when people tend to continue driving their vehicles for more years. Thanks to the product’s performance, you’re likely to experience fewer engine issues and save money on repairs.

Talk with your mechanic and learn more about the benefits that come with fully synthetic oil. After hearing what the professional has to say, you’re likely to agree that it’s the best solution for your car or truck.

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