Situations that call for Dog Boarding in Chicago

Under normal circumstances, being separated from the family dog is not something the owner enjoys. If events take place that makes it necessary for the dog to not be in the home for a short time, it pays to look into options for dog boarding in Chicago. Here are a few instances in which finding the perfect boarding arrangement will come in handy.

Going on a Trip

The boss needs someone to go to the office on the West Coast to deal with a problem. While it will be great to get away for a couple of weeks, it is not possible to take a pet. That means arrangements must be made to ensure the dog is taken care of until the owner returns. A facility that offers dog boarding in Chicago will ensure the pet has a place to play, gets walks daily, and receives meals on time. Since the caregivers will spend time with each dog every day, the pet will not be as lonely while the owner is out of town.

The Air Conditioning is Out

It’s the middle of summer, and the home air conditioner has stopped working. While the human members of the family can stick it out until the contractor finishes with the repairs, the dog will be in severe distress. In this scenario, it makes sense to find a cool place to board the dog until the air conditioner is repaired. The owner can still drop by and visit the pet on the way home, which is something that will make the temporary separation easier for everyone involved.

Spending a Few Days in the Hospital

While the procedure is not dire, the owner will need to stay in the hospital for a few days. In the interim, boarding the dog is a good idea. Make it a special occasion and arrange for the pet to be groomed during the stay. Once the owner is home, the dog can be retrieved, and both parties can settle in at home again.

Whatever the need, choosing the right boarding facility is a must. Contact Chicago Canine Academy today and arrange to take a quick tour. After checking out the place, there will be no question of where to board the dog when something comes up.

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