Reasons To Go To Beauty Schools In Chicago

If you have a passion for makeup, style and hair, you may decide to go to cosmetology or beauty school. Many people are passionate about style, but may not have the skills or know-how to do their job or make it their career. These schools in Chicago can teach you. There are many reasons to consider cosmetology school, including freedom, creating your schedule and a significant income.


Licensed stylists have a freedom that few career offer. You can work when you want to do so instead of punching a clock or being given a set schedule. You aren?t tied to a desk or to a boss that requires you to be there whenever they want you to be. The one caveat is that you will likely need to be available when your clients need you. This can include lunch breaks or later in the evening since most of your clients will have a regular job.

Own Schedule

If you enjoy working through the week and having weekends off, you can do so. If you prefer to work on the weekends to catch more people, you can. Most stylists work in a salon with specified hours, but you can still set your schedule to fit your needs. If you work out of your home or own a salon, you have even more control over your time and scheduling.

High Incomes

The best thing about going to cosmetology schools in Chicago is that once you have completed your training, you will be in great demand. This means a high income that will allow you freedom to buy what you desire. Working in a salon can allow you to bring in $50,000 or more each year, and that doesn?t include commission or tips.

Do What You Love

Everyone wants a career where they do exactly what they love to do and get paid for it. If you do your friends? makeup or hair, then you?re already getting started. Now, it?s time to hone your skills and master them so that you can make money doing what you already love to do.

No Office Work

While office work (secretaries and receptionists) can be a rewarding and challenging job, most people want more out of life. You?ll likely have to stay late to finish projects, come in early to help set up meetings and do other things that will put a damper on your lifestyle.

If you have a passion and love to help people with their makeup or hair styles, then beauty schools in Chicago may be an excellent career move. Ms. Robert?s Beauty Academy can help, so visit the website today to learn more. Visit us at

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