How to prepare for your BC Motorcycle Skills Test

by | Apr 30, 2015 | Automotive

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If you are preparing for your Motorcycle License, BC motorcycle skills tests cover a number of areas. Here are some basic tips to help you pass your motorcycle skills test:

Know what to expect

Many riders can be thrown by not understanding what to expect at their test. The test is quite short and will only last about 15 minutes. The test will take place in the parking lot and will consist of a number of riding skills such as driving at various speeds, steering, balance and control of your motorcycle and understanding how your motorcycle works. You will be asked questions about your motorcycle parts and how they function such as your throttle, gears and brake controls. The course will be designed to test your skills and you will be expected to be able to follow the path without difficulty or hitting any traffic cones. You will need to present your learners permit, insurance papers and also have a proper helmet in order to take your test.

Riding Lessons

It is in your best interest to take accredited riding lessons. This will not only teach you how to properly operate a motorcycle but also provide you with safe riding techniques. You will also receive a discount on your motorcycle insurance. You can also receive special attention and instruction on areas you might find more difficult. All in all riding lessons will provide you with the skills you need to ride you motorcycle properly so you can avoid accidents and enjoy your experience on the road.

Proper Methods

Some key areas to practice are the proper use of your clutch as well as understanding when to use your front, rear or both brakes based on the situation. Set up a little course to get used to driving in unusual circumstances. Even if you are comfortable on the road, if you are suddenly faced with the daunting task of manoeuvring amongst traffic cones it might cause you to lose your balance. You will want to be able to counterbalance at varying speeds and learn to look ahead so you know how to predict your next move.

Getting your motorcycle license in BC area offers will provide you with the freedom to ride whether you are looking for an exciting road trip or just want to get around town. Using these tips will help you prepare for your BC motorcycle skills test to help you pass with flying colours.