Changing Your Orders Through Visitation Rights Lawyers In Nassau County, NY

In New York, visitation is assigned when child custody is awarded. The non-custodial parent acquires visitation on alternating weekends and holidays in most cases. However, if any risks are known to the court, supervised visitation is required.

Understanding Your Rights

The type of custody you acquire determines who makes decisions for the child. These decisions relate to where the child attends school, church, and acquires medical treatment. The custodial parent reserves the right to determine if the child spends any time with the non-custodial parent that isn’t defined in the visitation order.

However, the custodial parent cannot refuse to allow visitation for a failure to pay child support. If the non-custodial parent doesn’t pay their court-ordered child support, the custodial parent should contact the court. He or she could refuse visitation if dangerous circumstances arise. When your child is at risk, contact Visitation Rights Lawyers Nassau County NY today. Visit the site for more info.

Changing Child Visitation

At any time, that you discover conditions that could place your child at risk you can file a motion to change visitation. The court assigns a social worker to investigate these conditions. The findings determine whether or not the court changes your visitation orders. All information acquired by the social worker is reported to the presiding judge.

The most common reasons for these changes are addiction, abuse, or unsafe living conditions. A non-custodial parent aren’t permitted any overnight visits with their child if they don’t have a safe environment for the child. If the findings of the court indicate that the non-custodial parent is placing the child at risk, visitation is changed or eliminated. If visitation is eliminated, the non-custodial parent could restore their rights by remedying the conditions identified by the court.

As a custodial parent, you cannot refuse child visitation unless you file a motion in court. It isn’t your right to enforce child support orders through a refusal to allow your former spouse to visit with your child. When unsafe conditions warrant a refusal, you should contact an attorney quickly. To begin this process contact Visitation Rights Lawyers Nassau County NY at Keith Shapiro & Ford now.

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