Properly Caring For Clothing Involving Embroidery in Olathe

Many businesses purchase embroidered shirts for their employees. These pieces of apparel give workers a polished and uniform appearance, helping to keep the image of the business professional. Clothing involving Embroidery in Olathe requires a bit of special care so threads do not become damaged. Here are some tips to help to keep embroidered shirts in the best of condition for as long as possible.

Alert Employees How To Launder Shirts

It is wise to give each employee a list of instructions regarding the cleaning processes needed to keep the shirts clean. Encourage employees to read over the material provided and to keep it in their laundry rooms so it can be referred to when necessary. The type of material a shirt is made from will determine the temperature setting needed on a washing machine. This will ensure shrinking does not occur, which often alters the threads in embroidered patterns.

Clean Embroidered Portions Right Away

If the embroidered part of a shirt comes into contact with a substance known to stain, it is best to eliminate the hazardous material as soon as possible. Blotting the embroidered part of a shirt with a piece of dry cloth will help to remove any moisture from the material. Vinegar works well at removing many stains. Keep a bottle of this stain remover in the business for employees to utilize when needed.

Avoid The Use Of Sharp Items Around Embroidery

Since embroidered parts of a shirt are prone to breaking if threads are snagged, keeping sharp items away from the shirt is best. If a sharp item needs to be used, placing a piece of tape over the embroidery beforehand will help to keep threads from being at risk. Remove the tape afterward.

Consider Using A Cleaning Service

Some uniform cleaning services will handle the laundering of clothing with embroidering upon them. Employees turn in the shirts at a designated time to be brought to an outside establishment for professional cleaning. If embroidery is altered during the process, the uniform service will pay for damages incurred.

When there is a desire to order shirts with Embroidery in Olathe, finding the right supplier is a must. Visit today to browse the selection of clothing available.

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