Now Is A Great Time For Heater Installation In Maple Grove

With the winter months finally winding down, problems with your heating system should be fresh in your mind. Were you colder during this past winter? Was your heating system making strange noises during operation? Did your utility bill increase?

Now is a great time to consider Heater Installation in Maple Grove so an owner is ready when the winter months arrive again. When experienced heating and air conditioning company evaluates a current heating system, they will also consider the type of air conditioning system that is currently installed. They can provide a no-obligation estimate for replacing the current heating and air conditioning system if necessary.

How Long Does A Heating System Last?

A traditional furnace normally lasts approximately fifteen years if it’s been properly maintained. The older the furnace is, the less energy efficient it will become. If the furnace hasn’t been properly maintained, its life can be significantly reduced.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance should take place on a yearly basis. A trained technician will inspect the furnace, including belts, connections, burner, and thoroughly clean the furnace. The technician will inspect the heat exchanger to determine if there are any cracks or rust.

If a heat exchanger is damaged, the entire furnace will need to be replaced. A cracked or damaged heat exchanger can cause carbon monoxide problems in a home or a possible fire. A yearly inspection will provide an owner with all of the information they need to know about the condition of their heating system.

Heater Installation

When Heater Installation in Maple Grove is performed, a trained technician will measure the size of the home and determine what size heating unit will keep it warm. A system that is too large is as harmful as a unit that is too small. The technician will provide a homeowner with a written estimate for the installation and any ductwork repair that needs to be performed.

Sabre Heating & Air Conditioning has years of experience providing outstanding installation and service in the area. They provide 24-hour emergency service and fair pricing for repairs or installation. For more information, please visit

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