Family Dentistry in Baltimore, MD Includes Sealants for Children

Naturally, it is a good idea to encourage your children to brush and floss daily to reduce any problems with decay. You also want to make sure their teeth receive additional protection. This type of protection normally comes in the form of sealants.

Reducing the Risk of Cavities

Sealants are one of the protectants provided by professionals who offer services in family dentistry in Baltimore, MD. This form of protection safeguards the teeth against tooth decay and keeps cavities from forming in the molars or the back teeth. The molars are vulnerable to cavities because they are used extensively while chewing food. They are also more difficult to clean since they are towards the back of your mouth.

Early Protection against Decay

Molars emerge when a child is around six years of age with a second set appearing when a child is about 12 to 14 years old. Specialists in family dentistry suggest that sealants be placed when the back teeth first emerge, thereby offering early protection against decay.

How a Sealant Is Applied

To place a sealant on these teeth, a family dentistry professional applies an adhesive to a tooth. The sealants is then applied over the adhesive in liquid form. It is painted over the crevices of the tooth, or the areas that are most susceptible to decay. When the liquid hardens, it forms a barrier between a tooth and bacteria, food particles, and plaque.

Make a Dental Appointment for Your Child Today

Sealants offer a good way to protect a child’s teeth as they last as long as a decade. If needed, the sealants can be reapplied. Therefore, a sealant placed on a temporary tooth can be applied again when a child’s permanent tooth comes in. You can learn more about dental care and sealants when you visit the website online. If you have yet to make a dental appointment for your child, now is a good time to do so.

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