Plumbers in Park Ridge: 3 Common Drainage Problems

Drainage pipes are an important part of waste management system. Installation, maintenance and repairs of a drainage system should therefore be done properly to avoid the occurrence of costly problems in the future as its malfunctioning can pose a lot of health risks. Hire professional Plumbers in Park Ridge to do the installation, regular checkups for leaks as well as cleaning the drainage, as part of maintaining the system. However, the drainage system can malfunction even with proper maintenance, and here are some probable reasons for malfunctioning:

Wrong drainage pipe-sizes

Whether you are working on a commercial or domestic systems, using the pipes with correct size is important. The size of the drainage pipes to be used will depend on the amount of waste to be transported. Domestic drainage pipes are generally much smaller than commercial ones. When the pipes are too small, the possibility of slow drainage and eventually clogging is very high. Bigger ones on the other hand will reduce the pressure thus causing poor drainage.

Clogged pipes

A clog, no matter how small, should be removed as soon as it has been detected. There are various reasons clogs may form in different parts of your drainage system. Bathtubs and shower drains may be due to soap and hair; toilet clogs may form because of waste that cannot disintegrate and kitchen sink clogs may be because of grease, soap and food particles. You can try and unclog the affected parts using cleaners or plungers but if the drainage does not flow, call in a plumber.

Clogged drained traps

Drain traps are important especially in toilets because they prevent foul smells from the sewers backing up in the house. They however are great culprits in harboring clogs which eventually causes drainage problems. Regular cleaning using cleaners can do the tricks of removing the clog. If clogs have already formed, remove the trap for efficient cleaning. You can also use plungers and snakes to remove these clogs.

Dealing with drainage problems without help from an expert can be very challenging. Contact Plumbers in Park Ridge or get more information on plumbers from the website

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