Myths About Retirement Planning

Experts such as Matt Dixon focus exclusively on assisting people in the Greenville, SC, area, to create personalized retirement plans. These plans ensure the individual has savings in place to carry them through their retirement and to enjoy their retirement years.

Unfortunately, many of the individuals Matt Dixon works with have heard myths about retirement planning. Recognizing the myth and understanding the truth about this essential part of your investment portfolio management is critical to your long-term financial well-being.

The most common myths that Registered Financial Consultants hear from clients in their first consultant include the following three topics in some form or fashion.

Myth 1: You Have to Have a Top Income to Plan for Retirement

The myth is that retirement planning should only occur after you have settled into a top-earning career and have taken care of all other financial issues. The reality is that a well-designed, personalized retirement plan can allow you to pay down your Greenville, SC, home, student loans, and even car payments and still set some aside for retirement.

Myth 2: You Can Plan for Retirement on Your Own

Reading a blog, following a financial planner’s tips for retirement, or attending a seminar will give you insight, but it does not provide a customized approach to planning for your retirement. Working with a Registered Financial Consultant can provide those essential factors for a successful retirement plan.

Myth 3: You Do Not Need to Adjust Retirement Plans

Matt Dixon meets with his clients on a regular basis to discuss the adjustments needed in the plan. Long-term goals can change, life situations may occur, and issues like divorce, health concerns, major purchases, or employment changes will have an impact on any financial planning.

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