Avoiding Sedentary Behavior as Part of Back Pain Management in Plano, TX

The most effective back pain management in Plano, TX, includes a variety of strategies in a plan customized for each patient. Many men and women want to avoid taking pain medication as much as possible, so they seek alternative treatments and activities. They want a doctor who encourages them to try complementary options such as acupuncture, massage and cognitive behavioral therapy. Implementing a plan for decreasing sedentary behavior also can help reduce pain naturally.

Too many individuals working at a desk hardly ever get up from a sitting position. They might take two work breaks in addition to a lunch break, but the rest of the time, they are in a chair. A doctor offering holistic treatment for pain management in Plano, TX, advises patients to move around at work whenever possible.

Doing so maintains flexibility and helps prevent the tightening up of muscles. Even someone who is not dealing with chronic back pain may still develop discomfort if remaining in the same position for too long. The human body, including the spine and the soft tissues surrounding it, is designed to move.

Stretching, taking a few steps away from the workstation and even just standing up occasionally are valuable activities. If there are any work tasks to be done that can get this person away from the desk for a while, that might be a possibility. Maybe some papers need to be copied or an inter-office envelope delivered. Anyone looking for effective strategies to relieve back pain may start with the website https://texaspainnetwork.com.

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