Matt Dixon Offers Retirement Planning Services for Seneca SC Residents

The author of the book RANT – Retirement Approach No Taxation, Matt Dixon is committed to helping retirees establish their retirement mindset which he refers to as “the new employment.” This mindset – according to the author of the book – helps individuals plan more carefully and achieve the retirement they want. If you are looking for solid advice in the area of retirement planning, consider the wealth of information offered by Matt Dixon. Seneca, SC residents can benefit from his considerable knowledge and experience.

Retirement Guidance
As a Registered Financial Consultant, Matt Dixon offers an array of investment and insurance products along with retirement strategy guidance to help you achieve your retirement objectives.

Known across the nation for teaching effective tax-free strategies to achieve retirement income, Matt has more than eight years of experience in financial services and has been teaching his knowledge publicly for three years. Additionally, he makes guest appearances on stations in the Upstate area and is a featured host on WGTK radio.

The TruNorth Process
Matt Dixon and the TruNorth team offer an effective process for helping you achieve your retirement goals in Seneca, SC. This includes:

  1. Setting up a meeting with our team to discuss and review your financial goals for retirement.
  2. Through the TruNorth process, advisors can examine your existing financial status and evaluate your retirement needs.
  3. Based upon the principle that you should have the ability to achieve your desired retirementd, TruNorth professionals can help you develop an intelligent strategy through the application of various insurance as well as investment products and services.

By effectively utilizing your hard-earned assets, TruNorth advisors can help you compare retirement through the use of wealth management, retirement income strategies, investments, annuities, and IRA/401(k) rollovers.

You can live the retirement you have always dreamed of through effective protection of your assets. This can be done through the use of asset protection strategies, tax-efficient strategies, life insurance, and long-term care strategies.

You can effectively help the individuals and charitable efforts you care about the most through IRA legacy planning.

TruNorth advisors can also refer you to professional sources that deliver services such as probate, estate planning, trusts, tax planning, and charitable giving.

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