Mobile Veterinary Services You Can Trust


bMany pets are afraid of getting packed into a carrier and transported to the vet’s office where they are in the presence of other animals. Instead of putting yourself and your pet through this stressful experience, our mobile vet in Chicago offers a more convenient solution. We come to your apartment, condo or house to take care of your pet. This allows you to avoid the whole ordeal of catching your pet, putting it into a carrier and getting the carrier to a vet’s office. Your pet will be less stressed, and so will you.

Our mobile vet offers a spectrum of services that can be done in the comfort of your own home or apartment. For routine checkups, we can weigh and measure your pet, check its ears and eyes, trim its nails and check its teeth. We can also give your pet any vaccinations that are due. If your pet gets any vaccines, we have the tags and documentation for you so that you can provide them to the animal control department or your insurance company if you need to.

Our mobile vet also offers care for your pet at the end stage of its life. We understand that this is one of the most difficult experiences that a pet owner can go through. We offer consultations as well as in-home euthanasia services for your ailing pet. Your pet’s last hours could be spent at home in a comfortable and familiar environment, which is a much smoother and less stressful transition for both you and the pet.

When you are in need of a mobile vet in Chicago, contact us at Village West Veterinary. You may also learn more about our veterinary practice and team members by visiting us online at website

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