Protect Your Content and Media on Blu Ray

When you are searching for a way to protect the information on video that you have created, a copy protected Blu Ray is a wise choice. We create the discs for you so that you can sell them in the way that you see fit. You can also use the completed discs for employee training or other proprietary purposes when you do not want anyone else to make copies of them without your permission.

Our experienced team members offer thorough editin g services if you need them. We can also provide you with specialized production, audio or visual effects. We are prepared to handle all of your digital video needs and get it all set up for loading onto Blu Ray media. If you already have the media the way that you want it, we can simply make the discs for you.

Copyrighting your media is essential to your company’s livelihood. When you have proprietary information that you want to sell, you do not want others to copy it without your permission. We have a variety of techniques for copy protecting the discs. Our associates explain the options to you so that you can decide how you want us to do it.

We can also include cases and labels stating that the content is copy protected. This provides you with confidence knowing you have done everything possible to warn others to not copy your protected media. The labels can include printing directly onto the disc, onto the case or both. Our associates strive to ensure your complete satisfaction.

When you need to have a customized copy protected Blu Ray created for your media, contact us at Chromavision. You may also visit us online at to learn more about our professional media services.

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