Were You Involved in a Parking Lot Collision? Consult Car Accident Attorneys in Luzerne County, PA

Despite the fact that most people drive slowly in parking lots, accident and injuries may occur. In many cases, these collisions happen because people are driving in various directions, are easily distracted, or cannot maneuver easily. Car accident attorneys in Luzerne County, PA sometimes have a hard time proving fault in parking lot accidents.

Common Accidents

The most prevalent parking lot accident occurs when people back out of a parking space and hit another vehicle. However, damage-causing incidents also happen when someone opens their door into an adjacent vehicle, denting or scratching it. Pedestrian incidents are quite common, especially when people walk between cars and don’t pay attention. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents typically result in more serious injuries than those involving two vehicles.

Determining Fault

In some instances, fault is obvious in a parking lot accident. For instance, if someone backs out of a parking space and hits another car, they’ll likely be held liable. However, if both drivers were backing out, no fault may be assessed. When a driver hits a parked car and doesn’t try to find its owner, they may face hit-and-run charges. In pedestrian accident cases, drivers are likely to be found responsible unless the pedestrian’s negligence contributed to the event.

When Parking Lot Accidents Occur

If a driver is involved in a parking lot accident, they should file a report with local law enforcement. It’s important to get witnesses’ names and information, as it may be useful during an insurance claim. In cases involving unoccupied vehicles, enter the business and ask a representative to announce the vehicle’s make, model, and license number. Finally, the at-fault driver should leave their own contact information on the vehicle so they and the other driver can get the insurance claim started.

Avoiding a Parking Lot Accident

The easiest way to avoid an accident is to be careful. Drive slower and more cautiously than on a roadway. Back out of parking spaces very carefully and look for vehicles on all sides. Be aware of children and other pedestrians who may walk in front of or behind the vehicle.

When a parking lot accident occurs, victims should discuss their case with car accident attorneys in Luzerne County, PA. They will review the case and work with both drivers’ insurers to determine responsibility. Click here to fill out an online contact form or call today to request a consultation. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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