Male and Female Celebrities Prove That Wearing Eyeglass Frames in NYC Is a Fashion Statement

When someone needs to choose Eyeglass Frames in NYC, it’s fun to look at pictures of celebrities with their glasses on and with glasses off. This can bring a sense of which products look most attractive on certain facial shapes and skin tone, as well as with hairstyles and hair color. People also get a sense of the latest fashion trends while looking at recent photos of famous personalities wearing glasses. Sometimes the celebrity is a TV or movie actor who only wears eyeglasses onscreen while other times the opposite scenario occurs. The TV or movie character is never seen in glasses while the actual person wears them frequently while out in public. The photos can be found in magazines and in many online sources.

Eyeglass Frames in NYC can dramatically change the way a person looks, and contrary to the belief of skeptics, this can be an attractive change. An individual may look just as attractive with glasses on as he or she does without them. For some famous personalities and fictional characters, the glasses become part of their physical appeal. Consider the movie To Kill a Mockingbird, in which handsome Gregory Peck wears glasses throughout. The vision correction devices provided an added air of intelligence and thoughtfulness to the character of Atticus Finch.

In more recent history, Brad Pitt and Rob Lowe have no issue with wearing spectacles both on and off screen. It’s probably more common to see Johnny Depp in eyeglasses than without them.

It’s not just male celebrities who are commonly seen in stylish eyeglass frames. Jennifer Anniston and Jennifer Lopez like their glasses enough to wear them to film premieres and screenings. Anne Hathaway and Zooey Deschanel also show that wearing glasses is a fashion statement in the 21st Century. On the TV series Criminal Minds, Penelope Garcia (as played by Kirsten Vangness) wears a variety of specs that might be rivaled only by Elton John.

At a store such as Charlotte Jones Opticians, male and female customers can try on frames from an enormous selection. They may want to emulate a favorite TV or movie star, especially if they can choose products that look particularly attractive with their own personal style.

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