Key Considerations Before Purchasing Cazal Eyewear in New York City Retail Stores

CAZAL stylish sunglasses are best known in the Hip-Hop culture. From Run DMC to Rick Ross, most of the genre’s famous stars have been spotted wearing a pair. The history of the brand dates back to 1979, where Australian Designer Carl Zalloni designed his first pair. The name CAZAL is a combination of syllables from his first and last name Carl ZALloni. With a shelf price of over $500, this hasn’t stopped its major purchase in retail stores. However, counterfeit items are on the rise that cost almost half the price.

Below is a checklist to help avoid any purchase of counterfeit Cazal Eyewear in New York City.

Is the store licensed?

Valid documentation of stores increases their credibility. Stores with no permits to execute their operations are in most cases not trusted and viable to sell fake items.


The price of a commodity can ultimately dictate its value. It is well known that Cazal Eyewear in New York City is quite pricey. Sunglasses sold at a cheap cost can be considered fake or faulty. Cheap is indeed expensive.


Online reviews of the retail store can reveal much about customer satisfaction. Stores with bad reviews will most likely sell fake products or have poor customer relations. It is advisable to do some research on the retail outlet before purchasing the item.

Customer Service

Independent optical shops come highly recommended in cases of eyewear purchase. Particular attention is paid to the client with regards to his or her needs. From fitting of frames to providing the right glasses for matching the style, any customer gets 100% assurance of satisfaction.


Most purchases of eyewear above $400 are issued with a guarantee card. This action ensures the genuineness of the product. However, the warranty is subjected to terms and conditions. Physical damage to the glasses renders the warranty to be void.


It is advisable to consider a purchase in well-known retail stores that specialize in eyewear. Apart from customer satisfaction, it guarantees a wide range selection of sunglasses to choose from.

When in need of a reliable and trustworthy retail store, pleas visit Charlotte Jones Opticians for stylish and unique eyewear.

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