Make It Simple To Sell Used Medical Equipment

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Laboratory Equipments

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Medical labs can downsize, change testing options, upgrade their equipment or even close down. When these types of issues happen, the lab may need to sell their existing medical equipment and testing systems.

There are different ways to sell used medical equipment. While all are possible, only the option of selling to a reputable used medical equipment dealer offers a simple, stress-free option for the lab or facilities manager and staff. Taking a close look at each option for selling used medical equipment will highlight the challenges of other sales options.

Private Sales

Private sales, either online or direct sales, are a lot of work for the seller. There is the need to document the condition of the equipment, to take photographs and to list the equipment.

Then, once listed, there are endless questions from prospective buyers. Some of these buyers are from other medical facilities or labs, but many are medical equipment brokers or less reputable companies trying to get a great deal. Answering emails and phone calls can take up a lot of time, and there is no guarantee the equipment will sell.

After the sale, the seller has to collect payment and arrange for shipping. Even if the buyer is coordinating the shipping, the seller has to disinfect and prep the equipment, often before the transport company arranges to pick up the system.

The Stress-Free Way to Sell Used Medical Equipment

The easiest and least problematic way to sell used medical equipment is to simply make a phone call to a reputable used medical equipment company. These companies send a buyer to your location and make an offer. This offer is honored and paid in full before the dealer removes the equipment, and your team does not have to do a thing.

Additionally, these companies can provide assistance in preparing the equipment for shipping, including in disinfecting the system and getting it ready for transport.