Tips For Selling Used Medical Equipment

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Laboratory Equipments

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Making the most money possible on used and surplus medical equipment is a wise move for any lab, medical or testing facility. This can help to offset the purchase price of a new or refurbished replacement system or allow for new equipment to be added to the lab.

When selling used medical equipment, there are a few different tips or suggestions that lab managers or business managers can use to maximize their selling price. Planning ahead and being organized when talking to pre-owned equipment companies is always an important consideration, but there are several other factors to consider as well.

Condition of Equipment

Equipment that may have been in storage or that is currently being used should be cleaned and disinfected or sanitized prior to the buyer arriving to look at the equipment. While this is more of an aesthetic issue, dirty, dusty or obviously used equipment is not going to present as well and may result in a lower offer from the buyer.

Age of the Equipment

When selling used medical equipment, the age of the equipment is becoming increasingly important with new technologies and levels of testing requirements. The older systems that don’t provide the speed and accuracy of the new system are harder to sell for the used equipment dealer, so they are typically not considered high priority purchases.

Before allowing equipment to become old and outdated, consider buying refurbished newer models to constantly upgrade the testing capacity. Not only will this help your lab with workflow and throughput, but it will also provide additional benefits when it comes time to sell.

Research the Buyer

Always take the time to research the buyer when selling used medical equipment. Look for a used medical equipment company with a solid reputation in honesty and ethical business dealings.

Companies that have been in business for decades are always a good starting point as they have years of experience in buying quality equipment and they tend to have the biggest demand, resulting in a higher price paid for quality used equipment.