5 Benefits of Asphalt Crack Sealing in Sun Prairie, WI

Asphalt Crack Sealing in Sun Prairie WI is recommended as part of a regular maintenance program for asphalt parking lots and driveways. If a customer maintains a property or owns a business in Wisconsin, they may wonder if crack sealing is truly necessary. In this guide are a few reasons to sealcoat the parking lot or driveway before winter comes.

Extending the Life of the Pavement

Crack sealing adds another layer over the parking lot or driveway, protecting it from the elements. This is especially important as winter approaches with its frost, snow, and cold. Because sealcoating protects the pavement from all the other problems listed in the sections below, it extends its life.

Preventing Expensive Repairs

Without sealcoating, the driveway or parking lot remains exposed. Over time, the elements will lead to damage such as potholes and cracks. Repairs can be costly, and if the damage isn’t controlled, replacement may be the only option. However, crack sealing in Sun Prairie WI can keep these costs under control.

Protecting Against the Freeze and Thaw Cycle

An unsealed parking lot or driveway is vulnerable to water damage, among other things. The problem worsens in winter when ice and water seep into small cracks, causing them to grow. Sealcoating will prevent much of this damage because it seals those small cracks and keeps water and ice out.

Shielding Pavement From the Sun

The sun can also cause severe damage, and not just during the summer. Just as a dermatologist recommends that everyone wear sunscreen, sealcoating fills small voids and protects the asphalt from the sun’s harmful rays all year round.

Protection From Auto Fluids

Asphalt is a petroleum-based product, and when fluids such as gas and oil get onto the surface, the coating can dissolve. This softens the surface and eventually causes cracks and breakage. While it’s possible to clean spills, it’s easier to protect the asphalt with sealcoating.

As suggested in this list, crack sealing isn’t something property owners should skip. Although delaying may yield short-term savings, it will result in long-term costs as the parking lot or driveway begins to deteriorate and crack. Call Tri-County Paving Inc. today to learn more or to request an estimate.

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