Lead Lined Glass, A Glass that protects Medical workers from X-rays Effects

Radiation shielding glass is also known as x-ray glass or lead glass. This is a product that is made of glass, providing perfect protection. The lead glass absorbs radiation excellently. The shielding effect is due to the high accumulation of barium, lead, and glass. The lead glass can be transparent or faint yellow. Versatile Lined lead glass is produced in a variety of shapes, sizes, and thickness depending on the application.

Normally, the thicker the lined lead glass, the better the radiation shielding. This glass offers healthcare workers the chance to carry out radiation therapy or imaging without the fear of being exposed to radiation. The lead glass is also used in modular and permanent shielding applications. Lined lead glass can also be customized to meet all the safety specifications a client wants to prevent radiation impacts.

Lead Lined Glass for Laboratory and Medical Application for Protection against X-rays and Gamma Rays

Lead lined glass has several uses, especially in the medical sector. It protects against x-rays and gamma rays. The lead glass provides health personnel full radiation protection. Also, the glass is clear so that workers can offer patients high-quality services.

Apart from the medical industry, lead glass is also used in the laboratory and nuclear sectors. The thickness and size of the lead glass applied depend on the specifications, which include the level of exposure, radiation exposure, and the nearness to the radiation machine.

Radiation shielding glass is applied in medical diagnostics, on laboratory windows, and in observation rooms where CT scan, x-rays, P.E.T Imaging and Fluoroscopy takes place.

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