Juvenile Delinquency And Crime In Ohio

by | May 21, 2014 | Lawyer

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In Ohio, a young adult may escape a felony or a misdemeanor by being charged instead as a juvenile. A lawyer is well aware of the advantages of having a minor being charged with juvenile delinquency. At the same time, he or she is aware of the problems that such a charge could have on the future prospects of a youth. This makes it essential to hire someone experienced in the field of juvenile delinquency, including the specific and different proceedings of juvenile court.


What is a Juvenile?


Essentially, a juvenile is any individual, male or female who is under the legal age of 18. This cut off allows them to not be considered as an adult. As a result, any actions they undertake or perform are to be treated as those of a juvenile. Ohio law adopts this approach. Therefore, any crime committed by said person is considered under the broad and even generic term of juvenile delinquency and not as a specific crime.


Types of Juvenile Crimes


A lawyer recognizes that any crime committed by a minor falls into the category of juvenile delinquency. Except in the case of those crimes deemed severe in nature, any violation of the law is regarded as juvenile delinquency. This approach actually goes against the grain of what is currently being practiced by courts of laws in other states. They have increased the crime categories and/or situations under which a juvenile can be tried as an adult. This has resulted in a more punitive system – one that is lacking in Cincinnati and elsewhere around the state of Ohio.




While all crimes may be lumped together as juvenile delinquency, this does not mean the penalty meted out is the exact same for every individual or for every crime. The result may be probation. It could also be time served in the Department of Youth Services until the age of 18. What may turn out to be more important than the immediate result is the future consequence. Being charged and convicted for a juvenile offense can negatively affect your chances of attending certain colleges or achieving certain career goals.


The best defense is a lawyer, a Cincinnati Ohio attorney who understands the procedures and rules of juvenile court. By hiring someone who specializes in juvenile delinquency cases, you are giving yourself and/or your child the chance to escape a stigma that may remain with him or her for much of his adult life. You are granting this juvenile a second chance.