Understanding the Role of a Swift MT799

It might seem like the paperwork and red tape of large financial transactions is never ending, and it’s true that there’s a lot involved. A Swift MT799 is just one more step that keeps all involved parties in the loop and ready for what comes next. Swift Capital Resources will be glad to provide a Swift MT799 for its clients.


As a form of Proof of Funds (POF), the Swift MT799 comes into play before the actual transaction takes place. Think of it as an early confirmation from the sending bank to the receiving bank. The confirmation itself is the Swift MT799. It’s important to note that the confirmation is not a transaction, and does not even guarantee that the transaction will in fact take place. It is simply a statement that the transfer of funds is scheduled to happen in the near future.


First, the MT799 itself is sent, and indicative of the fact that the funds are available and intended for transfer. Only after this can a contract be drafted, signed and provided, and a letter of credit issued by the receiving bank. Each of these steps is essential when individuals are making large purchases that involve financial services. When you’re purchasing something like a home, property or other large items, a Swift MT799 will likely be a part of the process.


There’s no such thing as too much security when significant sums of money are changing hands. A Swift MT799 is one of the first actions that provide security for your transaction. Other aspects are the Proof of Funds (POF), a Stand-by-Letter of Credit (SBLC) and additional documents that allow buyers and sellers alike to feel assured in their interactions. Again, the Swift MT799 is not a promise that the money will in fact transfer, but it is an important part of making it happen.


Swift Capital Resources is dedicated to helping its clients advance in their lives and visions. Whether that means buying a home, business or rural property, we’re passionate about getting you approved quickly and providing the documents you need to move forward. While the process might seem daunting and complex, we’re here to simplify it, and make your life just a little bit easier. Please feel free to contact our staff any time to learn more, or fill in our easy contact form on the website. We look forward to serving you, and providing a Swift MT799! For more information visit today!


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