How Cleaning Services Can Remove Odors From Homes

Do you experience odors in your home? A smelly or musty home can be embarrassing when you have visitors. Most people will use their favorite air freshener or candle to try and make the house smell fresh and clean. But, this only masks the smell and never gets rid of it. When you hire house cleaning services in Elmhurst IL.

they can locate the source of certain smells and treat the cause with cleaning solutions.


Bad odors in a home can cause health issues. In fact, the New York Department of Health states that indoor odors can cause allergic reactions, irritated eyes and skin, and breathing problems. Many of the offensive odors in a home originate in the bathroom and kitchen.


Bathrooms are inherently humid and damp. Because of this, mold can grow in the shower, sinks, tiles, and tiles. Mold has a pungent smell that spread throughout the house and can linger for a long time. Mold growth in the home can not only cause bad odors but can create an unhealthy living environment. Professional house cleaning service can remove the mold and keep your bathroom clean on a regular basis to prevent the mold from growing again.


Kitchens tend to have a lot of odors. Odors can emanate from the trash, refrigerator, dishwasher, and anywhere there is standing water such as kitchen sink drains. The kitchen needs special daily attention because it is the area of the house that is used the most. The trash needs to be removed daily, the sink and dishwasher both need to be cleaned regularly. Refrigerators harbor odors from leftovers to onions and should be cleared out to prevent strong odors from forming. Regular cleaning of the kitchen can help to prevent these odors.

Carmen’s Cleaning Services in Elmhurst, IL can perform deep cleaning treatments to remove stubborn odors and leave your house pleasant smelling and clean.

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