Periodontists Near South Loop and Gum Disease Facts

Periodontists near South Loop are dentists who work with people who have gum disease. Gum disease is a very serious problem which can have all kinds of effects on a person. When the condition first starts to develop, people might not even notice it. There may be a little swelling of the gums. Tenderness may also be present. It’s usually when the gums start to bleed that people begin to realize that something is wrong. The bleeding usually is first noticed when a person is brushing his/her teeth. It may be mild at first, but as the condition worsens, there will be more blood.

If it is caught in its early stages, certain methods can be used to reverse gum disease. Unfortunately, if it isn’t treated soon enough, there can be some rather serious complications. The gums can actually be destroyed as matters get worse. Bone will also be lost in the process. This will eventually lead to teeth becoming too loose. When teeth become too loose, they might have to be removed. In some cases, the teeth simply fall out on their own. Bone loss caused by gum disease may prevent a person from being able to get dental implants to replace the missing teeth, but dentures are usually an option.

South Loop Dental Specialists and other Periodontists near South Loop are great at helping people who have a higher risk of developing gum disease. Although it’s true that people who don’t take oral hygiene seriously are more likely to end up with gum disease, there are some other factors people need to know about. First, there is a the genetic factor. Basically, some people are predisposed to developing this condition. Such people may practice great oral hygiene and still end up with gum disease. Thankfully, there are genetic tests that can let people know whether or not they are prone to this condition. If a person is prone to the disease, a dentist knows to take the right course of action.

So how do people check for gum disease? The best way to check for gum disease is by making regular visits to the dentist. By doing so, it’s possible that the disease will be caught when it is just developing. Also, looking for the first warning signs of the condition can help too.

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